The moment I internalised veganism: A brief reflection on my time as a non-vegan

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Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” Mark Twain

The notion of using other animals is ingrained in our collective consciousness and speciesist culture. It’s drilled into us from an early age, and it is present in all of societies institutions. Indeed, animal use runs so deep that many well-meaning people fail to question the injustices of animal use, even though it’s ubiquitous.  I submit, I never knew what it felt like not to use other animals because using animals was a part of my identity; it was an integral part of who I believed I was. Before I started living vegan, I had lots of reasons to keep on doing what I was doing: “Where do I get my protein? We need to eat animals to survive; Living vegan is too hard, too expensive” and so on. 

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“One wild and precious life”

On a spectacularly clear and warm morning in late November 2019 I was sitting on the ledge of ancient cut rock, still cool from the desert night. I had found a secluded vantage point that served up, panoramically, one of Petra’s most incredible monuments. An early start and an efficient hour-long climb meant that I had this world-famous heritage site to myself… for a short while! Nothing quite prepares you for the massive towering facade of The Monastery, it is simply breathtaking and still hard to articulate.

I had hiked well over 50km of Petra, which barely touched the sides, absorbing everything I could in the little time I had. The feel of the sand, which is heavy yet fine, the touch of the dry air on the skin and in my lungs, the smoothness of the ancient carved stones. Imagining the early Nabateans creating and carving the “Lost City”, one of the world’s most ingenious architectural sites. Seeing the city bear the marks of geographical, cultural and religious changes, through historical conquering and mother nature. The very essence of Petra talks to you intimately, independently, and on that beautifully clear warm morning, sitting on that ancient rock I felt this.

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Graphic Imagery in Vegan Advocacy

You might have noticed from our social media posts that we don’t use gruesome images. We hope that is something that you enjoy about Happy Vegan Living.

You don’t have to look very hard online to find gory images or video footage of unfathomable things happening to animals.  These images may, in some cases push people over the line to become vegan at a time when they are receptive. But we have observed that even when faced with violent and graphic images or footage, most people are able to quickly rationalise their continued consumption and use of animals. Some of the reasons for this are as follows.

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Our First Blog Post

Hi, and welcome to 🥁drumroll🥁 our first blog post.

Thank you so much for clicking the link to read this – it means a lot! We’ll try to keep it short and sweet as we know time is precious.

Whether you are vegan or not, we hope that you enjoy the Happy Vegan Living community.

We are 100% volunteer run, so we do this in our “spare” time (ha! What is that?) between working full time, and generally living life. We won’t ever ask for donations to run the page, and we want you to know that. Your company is enough for us ❤.

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